Web3 purgatory is here.

Tiny Bones is a virtual world accessible on any web browser. Meet players, complete quests, boost your stats and grind the leaderboard! Welcome to the future of social gaming, where you earn yield by playing.

Change your idea of afterlife.

You are stuck in Gravetown, a dark metropolis with gray sky, neon-gothic atmosphere and dirty streets. Don't be scared to explore and face this urban jungle. Meet the citizens and build your reputation as you go along.

You make the game.

We deeply trust in social interactions: minigames, gambling, art showcasing, music gigs, conferences. By doing daily quests, getting involved in the game and upgrading your character, players will get rewarded with tokens and NFTs collectibles.

Join us, be early.

Our game is currently in development, but we will open Gravetown’s gates soon. If you want to join the adventure, follow us on our social networks.